Raekwon & Ghostface KIllah- All About The Money Remix (Dirty)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Joe Young - Germany Upbringing, Race Relations & Is Putin Using Trump As A Pawn? (247HH Exclusive)

Official 247HH exclusive interview with Wu Tang Clan affiliated German based Hip Hop artist Joe Young, where you’ll hear about his upbringing in Germany, his perspective on race relations & why he feels Trump is Putin's Puppet in this #247HHEXCL

After releasing the critical acclaimed Album Invincible Armour with legendary Beatsmith Dame Grease which was labeled the closest Body of work we will see in regards to a full length Wu Tang Clan Album as well as a Song called "Watch the Wave" with 2 Grand Spitters Styles P and Termanology last week, Joe Young is back with a Great Interview about Race relations and gives an Insight on who really runs the World. He also lets us know that he thinks what everybody is assuming, President Puting is using Donald Trump as a Pawn. Check Out the Exclusive Interview and Follow on Twitter @Gorillajoeyoung @Damegrease

Monday, March 27, 2017

RZA Tackles The Human Cost Of War In A Powerful Pro-Refugee Music Video

"I don't understand how you can ban a man from a land that was said to be a beacon of light." Listen to the powerful new single from electronic duo PARISI feat. RZA of Wu-Tang Clan. All streams and downloads on iTunes, Beats 1, Spotify, Apple Music, and other music sites are donated to the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Music video created by Ben Strebel of Sovage in close association with Stay In School. "No Refuge" released by ROLI Records.

Redman Says Filming For ‘How High 2’ Could Begin In 2018 (VIDEO)

It’s been 16 years since Redman and Method Man teamed up for the stoner film How High.

Some fans of the movie have been hoping a How High sequel would eventually hit theaters.

In a recent interview with The Source, Red spoke about the potential of another flick with Meth arriving in the near future.

“Me and Meth, were working on a How High 2. It’s being written. Hopefully, by the end of the year, the script will be done and we can start shooting next year,” revealed Redman.

The New Jersey-raised wordsmith then addressed his longtime creative partner directly.

“Yo Meth, me and you are going to do our own f-cking movies. F-ck that. We’re gonna get all the money,” said Redman.

The Blackout! collaborators are also involved in the cannabis-centered BlazeNow app.

“It’ll tell you all the best dispensaries, all the weak dispensaries in the area,” stated Red.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Raekwon Partners With SubPac For Limited Edition Speaker-Backpack

“Limited Edition” is putting it lightly.

SubPac is a company that creates special backpacks that are meant to immerse people in the sounds that they’re listening to, whether it’s music, gaming or VR video by putting speakers inside of their backpacks. The brand has partnered with Raekwon for a special edition sub bass pack to commemorate his upcoming album The Wild.

Don’t expect it to be easy to grab this limited edition backpack, however. SubPac is only producing 15 of the custom backpacks. They’re making it worthwhile for the select fans who will be receiving the backpacks, although it’s unclear how they’re planning on selecting those fans. SubPac’s co-founder John Alexiou explained via press release that, “the sonic and lyrical impact of Raekwon’s music will be felt throughout the body.”

The Wild releases tomorrow, March 24. You should give it a listen, even if it isn’t with this crazy backpack. Listen to the most recent release from the album, "This Is What It Comes To (Remix)" featuring Ghostface Killah.

Raekwon - The Wild (Album Stream)

Wu-Tang Clan emcee Raekwon comes through with a new album titled "The Wild." Features include G-Eazy, CeeLo Green, Lil Wayne and more. Cop the album now from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-wild/id1200617532

The Wild Tracklist:

01 The Wild (Intro)

02 This Is What It Comes Too

03 Nothing

04 Skit (Bang Head Right)

05 Marvin [feat. CeeLo Green]

06 Can’t You See

07 My Corner [feat. Lil Wayne]

08 Skit (F*** You Up Card)

09 M & N [feat. P.U.R.E.]

10 Visiting Hour [feat. Andra Day]

11 Skit (Bang Fall Down)

12 The Reign

13 Crown of Thorns

14 Purple Brick Road [feat. G-Eazy]

15 You Hear Me

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Can Tru Master Produce A New 2018 (Wu-Tang Clan Album) Solo?

S/O to Doggie Diamond's for getting Tru Master to Open Up. As a fan of his work, with the horrible production from RZA Jamil Hostile definitely had a few words to say. It was said by RZA he will give GFK the green light on the next Wu- Tang Album.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Raekwon Taps Ghostface Killah for 'This Is What It Comes Too' Remix: Premiere

In hip-hop history, there are few one-two punches better than the combination of Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, arguably the two most vivid storytellers in the Wu-Tang Clan and two of the most revered MCs of all time. Today, The Chef recruits Ghost for the remix to his single "This Is What It Comes Too," which Billboard premieres below.

The original song serves as the second track from Rae's forthcoming seventh solo album, The Wild, due out March 24 on IceH20/EMPIRE. But for this remix, Ghost comes through with one of his most energetic and devastating verses in some time, while Raekwon holds down hook duty and sandwiches the track with his original verses.

"Ghost is my brother and we’ve been on this blessed journey for a while now," Raekwon said in a statement to Billboard. "Me and Ghost are an institution and I know the fans were calling for a remix, so this is what it comes to: Ironman Lunch Mix."

[via billboard]

True Master (Wu-Tang) Exposes The False Rape Case & Escape Case Against Him

True Master (Wu-Tang) Exposes The False Rape Case & Escape Case Against Him

Doggie Diamonds No Filter Podcast (Links Below)

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Friday, March 17, 2017

HANZ ON's Career Comes Full Circle with Final Album ‘BARCA’

Is there any more sobering experience than a brush with death? Just ask Hanz On, the Wu-affiliated Staten Island rapper who premieres his final album, Barca, today on MASS APPEAL. When asked about the potential awkwardness of music that depicts what it’s like to recover from being shot multiple times being used as entertainment, Hanz replied: “It’s a blessing, because it was a time when just staying alive was a task in itself.”

If you think that sounds like someone who’s grounded as fuck, you’d be correct in your estimation. With staunch personal and professional support from Wu-Tang members, including Method Man and Raekwon, Hanz On was able to steady his personal outlook and his career, etching out a reputation as one of New York’s more under-rated talents. “My relationship with the members of the Clan was a major point in my turnaround,” Hanz On says. “Some more than others came out and supported what I was doing once I started doing something positive.. Rae, Dek, Master Killa—they all were very supportive in my transition. When I decided to create my own company in part it was because Meth kind of gave me a different perspective on things. His whole camp (Streetlife, Seven, Nut and Ellis) kind of walked me through it throughout this whole process.”

Barca, he explains, is a full-circle moment. His discography, which is tied to the legend of Hannibal the Great—the title of Hanz’s first album—culminates with this release, titled after Hannibal’s last name. “In short, he accomplished things that would ordinarily be looked at as impossible,” the artist explains. “The homie’s drive was incredible. I’m a big fan.” On tracks like “Big Sky,” featuring Method Man, or “Champion,” you can hear these affirmations shining through. Hanz set out to tell a definitive story with his collection—after a couple listens it’s clear that his discography was always supposed to have a beginning and a definitive end—and on Barca, the lessons he’s learned manifest themselves seamlessly.

You can also it on iTunes/Apple Music, where it’ll be available to stream at midnight.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: GZA, RZA and Bill Murray : Coffee & Cigarettes...

Bill Murray, RZA and GZA from Wu-Tang Clan talk it out in a cafe. Brilliant scene from JIM JARMUSCh's little masterpiece "Coffee and Cigarettes" from 2002.